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Jason Rodenbo represents both employees and employers in a wide array of Employment Law matters


As an employment law attorney Mr. Rodenbo has successfully fought Fortune 500 companies and large corporations to secure just compensation for his employment law clients who have been victims of harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or victimized by unlawful employment practices including unpaid wages and overtime pay.

Mr. Rodenbo tenaciously and firmly stands behind the rights of employees who have been wronged, which has resulted in collecting millions of dollars for his clients.


Mr. Rodenbo counsels employers on preventing litigation, developing effective personnel policies and other employment agreements. Employers call Mr. Rodenbo before terminating or disciplining an employee to minimize the risk of litigation.  Early intervention, investigation and documentation often times resolves employment disputes in a cost effective manner for employers and business owners.  Mr. Rodenbo is devoted to providing ethical representation and personal attention in a cost-conscious and timely manner.

Mr. Rodenbo’s professional and aggressive litigation skills have lead to many victories for his employment law clients. He is prompt and responsive when communicating with his clients and always keeps them regularly informed. Because of Mr. Rodenbo’s dedication to excellence and his history of getting significant results for his clients, many of his clients come to him through referrals from previous clients and other attorneys.

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At the Law Offices of Jason A. Rodenbo, we represent employees and employers in disputes over unfair and unlawful treatment. We also work with workplaces to encourage environments of respect and fairness. Mr. Rodenbo has over a decade of experience as an employment law attorney in San Diego. He has the expertise to handle any employment issue employers and employees alike may face, including the following:

• Wage and hour disputes
• Overtime pay
• Wrongful termination
• Litigation prevention• Progressive discipline
• Discrimination
• Unpaid commissions
• Sexual harassment• Retaliation
• Disability laws
• Breach of contract
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